About Us

The Rabias

For us at RABIAS, tradition and modernity are inextricably linked, and this is what we try to show through our designs. Our inspiration are drawn from all over the world and as we believe in the art of fashion, all the inspired collection and articles are being exhibited at one spot that is at Rabias so that you can see the elegance and exquisiteness of fashion. And so, time and again, we push the boundaries of what is possible in print, embroidery & embellishments. Every single one of our designs is individually crafted with an intricacy of detail that is supreme. Indeed, we literally use our fabrics as canvasses upon which we paint works of art and define the beauty of fashion. For us, it’s like making Art and Fashion a reality that is to showcase that Art and Fashion has no discrepancy. Every side is of the chapter exhibits a new story, effort and hardwork, this enables one to create and exhibit something unique and extraordinary that mesmerizes the beauty of fashion, and that’s what exactly we bring to the greater audience. Our designs are beautiful, contemporary and classic, each feature and element showcase the true origin and the evolution of fashion and designs. The originality of the designs reflects on the background and the origin that makes it a unique one. Try it and wear the beautifully designed articles presented by Rabias as they add extra charm and beauty to your fashion style. Best quality of fabric is being procured to offer best services and articles that will last for a good time period.